The sun never sets in these 5 countries

There are 5 countries in our world where there are 24 hours of daylight. All over our world there are 12 hours day and 12 hours night but in these countries we see 24 hours daylight.  Those countries are briefly discussed below.


1. Norway

The sun does not set here for 76 days from the end of May to July. Located in the Arctic Circle, this country is called the Land of the Setting Sun.


2. Nunavut , Canada

This place is located in the northwest of Canada, 2 degrees above the Arctic Circle The place receives sunlight for 24 hours for about 2 months .On the other hand stay 1 month of continuous winter nights.

3. Iceland

It’s dark in Iceland during the summer, but the sun never sets in June.

4. Berrow , Alaska

The sun does not set here from the end of May to the end of July. The sun does not rise here for 30 days from the beginning of November .

5. Sweden


From the beginning of May to the end of August, the sun sets at midnight in Sweden and rises on the 4.


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