How to clear cache on Android Smartphones 2022

So you might be wanting to go ahead and clear the cache and cookies on your Android phone. Now doing this is actually fairly easy but you will have to make sure that you’re trying to do this per application there are ways to do this with your whole entire phone.


I believe but you’re best off doing it per application so you don’t mess up all your apps so to do this what you want to do is you want to make your way over to your settings whether you have a Samsung or a google pixel it’s the exact same thing and what we’re going to want to do is go into application manager.

So what we want to do is go into a panel that says apps you can also search for the top right corner right there but once we find the apps panel we can go and click into it and at this point what we want to do is we’ll be able to see all the applications that are on our device.

So what we have the option of doing is pretty much swiping down and let’s say we want to clear the cookies within chrome right let’s say chrome right here we want to go into the cookies and cash from but we can do if there’s not an in-app setting to do this you can click onto the application right here

and you should be able to see some things that come up now hopefully there’s a little option that says storage or something so you can see storage right here we can go and click on storage and here it’ll allow us to go ahead and clear the cache and even manage storage.

We can go and click clear cache and it’s going to allow us to clear that amount of cache from that device we can also click manage storage or Clear data and here we can go ahead and clear all data from this application if we want to we can free up space which will free up that much stuff so there’s a lot of stuff we can do built-in right here that will also allow us to manage it and you can see right here all data by sites including cookies and other locally stored data you can go and you know basically clear that too which is really cool.

So you can do this for pretty much every single application I don’t know if cookies are compatible with every app but you are able to do that if you know cache.

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